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cheap bike insurance news and information - December 2011

In a move likely to be welcomed by British bike enthusiasts, the Viper Bike Company of Auburn, Alabama, USA recently announced in a press release that it will begin distribution of its Diamondback Bike in the UK in 2012. The UK company chosen to distribute the Viper machines in the UK and Europe is AMV Bikes Ltd. AMV Bikes is only the second distributor outside of the United States, after Dubai, and will start with 2 UK outlets, one in the North West and one in London. A European outlet will come later. High hopes are held for the success of this new American cruiser, not least because new strict EU regulations for bikes are likely to put a dampener on Bike sales and force manufacturers to go upmarket to remain profitable.

To those not in the know, the Viper Diamondback is known as a "super cruiser", because it is similar to, but bigger and more powerful than the Harley Davidson heavy cruisers it is most likely to be compared to. Powered by a UK-built Ilmor 152 cubic inch V-Twin engine, this bike is aimed at affluent buyers who can afford the state of the art technology, attention to detail, sheer power and presence of the Diamondback. By the way, 152 cubic inches may not sound like much but it equates to about 2.5 litres, which is a fairly sizeable engine even for a car, but in a bike this 117 hp engine is the equivalent of a large V8 or V12 engine in a sports car. As a comparison, the typical Harley Davidson puts out about half the horsepower of a Viper. Just to give you some idea of the kind of performance Viper builds into its creations, in a three quarter mile race between a Dodge Viper V-10 sports car, an F-16 Viper jet fighter, and a Viper Mamba, the Viper won hands down, blasting out the distance in 16.33s to the F-16's 19.55s and the Dodge's 19.50s.

Classed by Viper as a third generation super cruiser, the Diamondback is said to be the most powerful and the fastest production V-twin in the world. To smoothen the application of all that power to the road, Viper utilises some intriguing technology. The proprietary powertrain vibration dampening system along with the on-the-fly adjustable air-ride suspension ensure that the rider enjoys a controlled, comfortable ride. The 6-speed Baker Pro overdrive transmission and a Rivera wet clutch along with the patented belt-driven Viper Rigidrive complete the drive train.

Described as "ridable art" by Bob Riley, the Governor of Alabama, when he opened Viper's new 23,000 square foot factory in East Alabama in August 2010, the Diamondback was relaunched in 2011 as a brand new model with the Ilmor engine. It is bound to excite and inspire bike enthusiasts all over the world with its classic American styling. In the UK, the British connection with Ilmor will be an added selling point for well-heeled bikers looking for the next step up from the now commonplace Harleys beloved by American Bike fans. Falling for a Viper Diamondback could well be as fatal an attraction as being bitten by a diamondback rattlesnake. Or at least that's the hope of Viper Powersports, the parent company of Viper Bike Company.

Lastest news from bike - insurance : November 16th 2011

The hottest new bikes of 2012 were on show at the Milan Bike Show last week (November 10th to 13th). The Milan EICMA bike exhibition is now the biggest motorbike exhibition on the planet and gives bike manufacturers an opportunity to showcase their latest new bikes, along with a selection of concept designs. The event also gives motorbike accessory manufacturers a chance to show off their latest offerings too.

The opening ceremony saw the participation of Emma Margegaglia - the head of Italy's leading industrial association - along with Robert Fomingoni - he's the current President of Lombardy Region in Italy – and multi-time world Grand Prix motorcycle champion, Corrado Capelli. All of the leading motorcycle manufacturers were well presented and BMW used the event to launch their new range of Maxi scooters, which have enough storage space to carry a round of groceries and can easily delivery over fifty miles to the gallon.

This year the Ducati 1199 Panigale grabbed all the headlines and was voted best in show by over 13,000 attendees. The Panigale is a full twenty two pounds lighter than its predecessor. It is powered by Ducati’s new Superquatro engine, which give the bike a whopping 192 bhp. Those are the kinds of figures that you might expect to see from a BMW S100RR superbike, however, unlike the S100RR, the Panigale doesn’t have a four cylinder engine. It’s a twin.

The Panigale doesn’t look bad either. It’s the first mass production bike to use LED headlights which, thanks to the super lightweight magnesium sub frame give the bike an aggressive though somewhat futuristic look. Under the hood it’s packed with an assortment of technological tricks such as an intelligent suspension system which adjusts automatically depending on the weight of the riders and also a game changing valve operating system that would put a NASA rocket scientist to shame.

As far as we know the Penigale will be released in UK showrooms next year around the end of March. Prices are expected to start from £14,995 for basic models all the way up to around £23,500 for the mind blowingly fast 1199 Panigale S Tricolore. We don't have any bike insurance figures to give you at the moment, however, they are expected soon. Watch this space.

It also turned out to be a good week for Triumph who finally showcased their 1200cc Tiger Explorer Adventure. The Triumph Tiger Explorer is an all terrain, long haul bike which has been designed to compete against the likes of the Yamaha XT1200Z. The Tiger is almost certainly going to be the most powerful bike in its class next year thanks to its new in-line three cylinder engine which packs an impressive punch at 135bhp. The Triumph will cost around £11,000 when it gets released in the UK next year. Bike insurance prices are due to be confirmed in the very near future.

Of course, it wasn't all just about showing off new and upcoming motorcycles. Some of the other popular highlights of included an outdoor stunt show along with appearances from some of the biggest names from the motorcycle racing world.

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